I am an Ecuadorian chef, professional in two careers: Hospitality and Gastronomy, the passion for cooking began as a child and is my greatest source of inspiration when creating dishes full of flavors and colors to provide unforgettable moments to my guests.
In my life as in the kitchen I seek to turn my dreams into reality, the act of cooking represents for me an act of love and respect for others.

“Who lives sees, but who travels sees more” (Arabic proverb)

Lover of the good things in life, that’s why I like to travel, meet, taste and practice other gastronomic trends, my trip to Europe and different countries in North and South America have helped me to open my head and my heart to submit to the new, and in return, with all its beauty of what I can create.

I live in love with my country and I want to show everyone that with our Ecuadorian products we can create the best cuisine without looking at borders and without barriers.

My great teachers and mentors have been Ecuadorian and Spanish Chefs to whom I keep much gratitude and consideration.

I am currently the Chef Owner of the Maitane Restaurant where I can capture in my dish my passion, inspiration and innovative ideas to achieve the delight of our customers to the fullest.

chef cristian arroba
Chef Cristian Arroba
Chef Cristian Arroba
Chef Cristian Arroba
Chef Crisitan Arroba
Chef Cristian Arroba

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